My Work at Google

I started my role at Google when a company I co-founded as CEO (2web Technologies) was acquired by Google. I began managing the product development of Google Docs and Drive from inception in 2005 through the first 8 years of growth. In 2013, I moved on to my current role, managing Google Apps for Education, to bring Google Classroom and Expeditions (VR for Education) to market. In parallel, I lead a development effort to create new collaborative products, including Jamboard, which launched in Oct, 2016.  More details on these are below.

Present: I currently lead product management for two areas in GSuite (Google Apps) from the NYC Office:

Jamboard: This hardware and software product is a collaborative whiteboard which removes the barriers to team creativity and rethinks the concept of productivity in meetings. Announced in October, 2016, Jamboard gives teams an open canvas which feels as natural as a whiteboard, but can be shared and saved with the full power of the web and the same collaborative power used in Google Docs. Team members can draw and add visual assets and text - including the use of tablet and phone apps for realtime participation by in-room or remote participants. Read more in our blog post and announcement press.

GSuite For Education: This includes the development of new products like Google Classroom and Google Expeditions, but also includes Google Forms. My role focuses on the use of those apps and of all core Google Apps products - GMail, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, etc - in K-12 and Higher Education customers.

Past: From 2005 through early 2013, I was lead product manager for all the collaborative apps in the Google Docs and Drive suite. The company I co-founded in 2003 - 2Web Technologies - was bought by Google in 2005 to begin the development of Google Sheets. That was the first App in the Google Docs suite to launch on June 6th, 2006. In March of that year we bought another company (Writely) to begin the simultaneous integration of the word processing app - Docs - and in October, 2006, we brought the two together to publicly launch Google Docs & Spreadsheets. We continued to grow the team and develop additional apps - Slides, Forms, Drawings, Apps Script, Google Fonts - and me and my original co-founder, Fuzzy Khosrowshahi, led the team from the product and engineering perspective, respectively. Fuzzy is the genius, self-taught engineer behind our original XL2Web product that was originally aimed at financial services customers and later impressed Google so much that they acquired our company. Another amazing Engineer from our original team, Micah Lemonik, is also still at Google working with us, leading a team of engineers on some of our most complex challenges. He deserves credit not only for most of the original collaborative magic in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. but also in the latest collaborative capabilities in products like Jamboard, which still use the underlying architecture he designed.
A Recent Passion:  3D Printing is my journal (blog) of Maker projects, mostly 3D Printing.  I share my learning and often focus on using 3D Printing in schools .

My Personal Blog:  JRsays

I don't write that often anymore, but when something strikes me related to product management, or life - or even a tip for one of the products I know - I'll jot it down (or write a longer post) on that blog. I think everyone should have an outlet for sharing their ideas.

My Involvement in Education

I'm a member of the Board of Education in Chester, NJ K-8 School District. In 2014 I was a write-in candidate for the Board Of Education  and was sworn in in January of 2015 to begin a 3 year term.

I stay involved in the "Tech Club" in our middle school and work on the Board of Ed Tech Committee in Chester, NJ. I often volunteer in the club and help kids with technical projects. 

I'm very active on Twitter on education topics and try to both learn from educators, administrators and students - and help them with topics related to Google and EdTech products that I know well .